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My reception hall has chair covers and bows we can rent but they are $5.75/chair. That seems very high to me but it is convenient so at this point we decided to go with them. Does anyone know a reasonable price?

Here's the thing. If we go with an outside company, our venue will charge us $60 for the set-up fee. So...does anyone know if I can really find a better deal?

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    We paid $4.50 each at The Lavender Goose (they are wonderful).  Not sure how many people you have, but if you have 100 guests, you'd save $125 (although -$60 for set-up you'd save only $65) but if you have 200 guests you'd save $250 (and then -$60 it'd be $190 saved)  Not sure if this helps, but it might.  
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    Was that including the bow? Did you have to pick up the chair covers/take them back? What about get them cleaned? I'm from out of the area so I won't be around much before or after the wedding to do all those little tasks.

    And thanks for the math! I guess it does add up the more guest we have. 
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    It included the bow.
    We did not have to pick them up/drop them off - they did that.
    They cleaned them, not us.

    I also wasn't from the area but they were great to work with over the phone and then I met with them once (since I got my ((super cheap and nice!!)) flowers through them too)
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    Thanks for the advice. Sounds like it is worth looking into depending on how many guests we get.
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    I rented mine from a rental company and I'm paying 2.25 a chair with sash.
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    what rental company?  Do you have to clean them afterwards?  
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    Linen Rentals by Miranda Staut. I am not required to clean them, however I probably will anyway.

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    I purchased my chair covers for $2 each (I ordered 200 of them).  That includes a black satin sash with a bow directly attached to the cover.  The cover itself is ivory.  I had mine made to the exact chair measurements, so they fit nicely.  I found a sewer on Etsy in California that is doing them for me.  I actually just got the final sample - and it is gorgeous.  Then, I am going to try and resell them after my wedding.  Actually, the venue may even purchase them!  My venue is also putting them on/removing them for me.  The woman can do any color combination - and I highly recommend her. 

    Please contact me if you want her I don't have it on me since I am at work.  Hope this helps!! :-)

    [email protected]
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