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I'm looking for an inexpensive videographer in the Lehigh Valley. Video is not all that important to me, and I would ask a friend to simply video the wedding and reception but I don't want anyone to miss out. Any suggestions?

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    I had the same issue. We finally booked Pete Newton from Tailored to you. Check his web site. His prices were good and his quality of work looked really good. We saw a few of them in the area and were very disappointed. He also gives you some discounts if somebody recommends him, or you book him a year in advance etc. If you need more info for me, feel free to email me privately.

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    i know you say you don't want anyone to miss out -- but some people might WANT to be left out.  

    My 16-year-old cousin sure as hell didn't want to be stuck at my wedding with family and my friends.  he video-taped the whole thing and it cost me buying him a thank-you gift.  it came out really well.  he had an excuse as to why he didn't dance, socialize, etc.

    My dad bought a digital video camera just for weddings.  He HATES dancing and talking to people, so being the videographer gives him a thing to do at weddings.  He has done 6 weddings in the past year and either gets a thank you card with a gift card or just a thank you note.  He hates NOT doing it when they go to weddings now because he's forced to hang out.  My mom usually gets him away from the camera for 1 dance and they are both happy.

    If it's not important to you, maybe save the $1000 and see if there's someone who would actually WANT to do it.
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    There are some things that you might want to consider in regards to video.  A wedding video can provoke emotions from your day in a way that still pictures simply can't.  Will you enjoy watching a video 20 years from now that Uncle George shot with his shaky hands and rinky dink camera?  There are good videographers in the Lehigh Valley that aren't over priced!

    I didn't get a video of my wedding and I really regret it.  I have a daughter now and I'd love to share our wedding day with her when she's old enough and I can't really do that now.  A wedding video is almost more for the friends and family who couldn't make it and future generations!

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