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Has anyone had alterations done at Bridals by Sandra?  Reviews?
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Re: Bridals by Sandra

  • I had a horrible alteration experience. First, when I went to order my BM dress for my friends wedding, the consultant insisted on ordering 2 sizes bigger, even though I told her over and over it would be far too big. I was right, you could fit 2 of me in the dress!

    At my alteration appointment, the seamstress was very rushed. I brought everything she asked and she still was not happy. When she was taking the measurements and pinning the side of my dress to take it in, I told her more than once that it was still far too loose. She disagreed with me, even though I was able to stick my hand down the side of my dress! She took another measurement, wrote it on her paper and said she would take it in more, but didn't have time to adjust the pins. I didn't like that, but she wrote it down so I figured it would be okay.

    My alterations took a ridiculously long time. I was finally called 2 days before the wedding to pick up the dress. It wasn't fixed properly!! I could literally stick my entire arm down the left side of my dress. They told me i must have lost weight (yes I lost 2+ sizes in the small amount of time you had the dress, I don't think so) and refused to fix it saying I not only signed a contract, but that it wouldn't be ready by the day of the wedding.

    The day of the wedding, we had to SAFETY PIN the dress so it wouldn't be too big, because otherwise it was very noticeable. The pins kept coming undone and in a lot of the bridal party pictures, my arms are tight to my body because I'm trying to hold the extra material back.

    The dress was a very plain, v neck satin dress, which I paid a ridiculous amount for. The alterations, which I was still made to pay for totaled almost as much as the dress. I don't mind spending money for my friends, but almost $400 for a dress that doesn't fit properly was insane.

    If you know a different place, take it there. Sandra's is too rushed, their seamstress doesn't listen and they don't really care how well you look in it.
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