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Greetings knotties of Pennsylvania, I come for a bit of advice.  I graduated in 2005 with my bachelors in elementary education and have yet to find a teaching job despite having substitute taught for years.  I've moved from Indiana to Ohio but still nothing and I grow more and more discouraged by the day as I see more schools lay off teachers.

I've heard conflicting reports about your state of Pennsylvania needing teachers.  The Pennsylvania Deparment of Education lists some teaching jobs for elementary education but I've also heard from other sources that PA has his max of teachers.  Does anyone know what the outlook is for teaching jobs there?  My Indiana license allows me to teach 1-6, and 7-8 depending and my Ohio is k-3.  Both are currently valid.

Thank you so much for your help.  I know it's not wedding related and I apologize in advance but I needed some local opinion.  Hope everyone has a good rest of their week!
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Re: NWR: Teachers Needed?

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    From what I know, it is very hard to get a teaching job in PA unless you want to move to the inner cities such as Philadelphia.  Pennsylvannia also does not support their teachers. My FH's mom is a teacher. Her district didn't get their mandatory step raise for 8 years and they kept going on strike to protest this and settle a contract. Well, the teachers gave up and the school didn't have to pay them any back pay at all. Alos, part of the deal for the teachers who didn't use the school's insurance was that they would get extra money every year. Well they lost that too.
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    Ditto Whiskers. I graduated in the top of my class at PSU and president of my honor society with El Ed and Early Childhood and never got a job. I subbed at 5 different districts for almost 3 years and couldn't secure a spot. One district even had the audacity to take my ESL survey for their use and never hired me. I couldn't afford to live on $70 a day before taxes and no health insurance, so I sought employment in a different field. It makes me sad to think that many great teachers are lost to the profession for these reasons.

    I can't say how it is now, since I've been out of the loop for a while, but I really do think timing is everything. There will always be need in the inner city districts because turnover there is usually 3 - 5 years. In more suburban and rural districts I've found that staff try to hang on forever, especially if contracts are in discussion and they want to retire with the absolute best package they can. Charter schools and Catholic schools may also be an option, but their salaries can be much lower than the public school sector.

    It never hurts to put some resumes out and see if you get response. Best of luck!
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    I teach in NYC, a place generally full of need -- and we are in a hiring freeze.  EVERY SINGLE ONE of my teacher friends (except 1) still in PA have been let go for next year due to budget cuts.  I will assume that unless Philly and/or Pittsburgh are still open to hiring you are pretty out of luck.  There are no teaching jobs anywhere it seems...good luck.
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    I completely agree with everyone else that posted. I teach in the Lehigh Valley area and there is NOTHING open! Even some districts hired teachers last year and then had to let go of all new hires because of budget cuts. It is really not looking good here!
    Best of luck to you!!!
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    PA is a tough state to get a job in.  Most districts here are cutting jobs and/or not replacing their retiring teachers.  That being said, if you are living in or moving to PA, I would not automatically disregard teaching here and start looking for another job.  Put your application on  This website lists many districts job openings.  If you do want to teach, take a risk with a sub position if you can.  

    Good luck!
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