Bridal Shower Venue in the Lehigh Valley

I am planning a bridal shower in the Lehigh Valley area. Can anyone recommend a good/cool place to have it? Thanks in advance!!

Re: Bridal Shower Venue in the Lehigh Valley

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    Jumbars!!!  I absolutely LOVE that place.  I went to a shower there for a good friend, and if you have it after 3:30pm you get the entire place to yourself with your own wait staff, cooks, etc. and you can pick the menu.  

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    How did he guests and brideto-be feel about having a shower that late in the day?
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    Got your message. Sent you an email. Let me know if you need anything else.
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    I enjoyed it as a guest -- that way people (like me) who live out of town could travel in that morning and not have to wake up super early/stay over.
    Also, it was then more small-plates style food for a late lunch.  I'm a brunch person through-and-through, so my 2nd meal of weekends usually is around 4 or 5 anyway.  

    We also ended up doing the bachelorette party that night so we had time to go home, change, and meet at 8 to start partying.  Then there wasn't weird down-time like there was at mine when the shower ended at 3 and we went out that night at 8 -- that's 5 hours of sitting around in hotel rooms/your house.
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    You can also check out Melt.  I had my rehearsal dinner there and it was great.  There are private rooms with lots of ammeneties, a roof deck available, and the staff was VERY accomodating.
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