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I'm getting married at the Shawnee Inn which is near the Delaware Water Gap.  We'll have a block of rooms at the Inn (which is quite large but they only block off 10 rooms for us) but I want to be able to provide other accommodations (different price points) for guests.  The only other options in the immediate area are small B&B's that only have up to 5 rooms each.  The closest "motel" to Shawnee my FIL's stayed in this past summer to check it out and it was horrible, so I don't want to have that as an option.  Should I stress the block of rooms at Shawnee and just list the local B&B's and make sure people know they have very limited rooms available?  Is it bad to not have other options for people?  Everyone will be OOT since it's somewhat of a destination wedding.  If you have any other suggestions for accommodations, I'd love to hear them.
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    As a side note:
    The B&B's are certainly not cheaper than the Shawnee Inn so even by adding them they don't really give a good option to anyone looking to save money.
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    I wouldn't stress it.  MOST people are competent enough to do research and find other places to stay if it's needed.  Let people know that there are limited rooms - but if people know 100% that they're going, have them book at the hotel but NOT through the room-block ... that will let the 10 rooms stay for those people who may have to look into it a bit more to decide if they are going.  Also...our wedding was 30 minutes from Scranton, but we had a couple of guests drive to Scranton because the cheapest hotel in our area was $120 a night and in Scranton they found places for $40 per night.  That was their choice.  
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