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We are thinking of holding our ceremony and reception at The Meadows in Hellertown, PA.  I would like to get opinions from others who've had their weddings there.  We've already seen the place in person, so I know I like how it looks.  I'm more interested in hearing about their food and service.  Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!
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  •  I went to a wedding there two years ago and some of the food (not all) was terrible. I got super excited to see they were passing around bacon wrapped scallops during the cocktail hour, grabbed like 8 of them, put one in my mouth and spit it back out immediately. It was disgusting (I still don't know how they screwed that up). I know this is a vague review, b/c that's the only example I can give of the bad food but I would just not have super high expectations.
  • I have been to many many weddings at the meadows in the past 8 or so years. In the beginning, it wasn't horrible... Kinda average, but a nice place and nice service. And it has slowly gotten so bad, that the last wedding we went to there we actually went out to eat before we went. Thank goodness, b/c our "prime rib" def wasn't prime.. not really sure what it was, but it was barely even cooked. And some people at our table had pink chicken! yuck!!  I do realize that a lot of people go there because it is an affordable option, but there are def better options.
  • The Meadows can be nice IF you stay on top of them. And by that I mean you absolutely need to be a Bridezilla. My cousin got married there 2 years ago. The food was alright, I would stay away from some of the pasta dishes and stick to the meats and other wedding staples.

    They had their ceremony and reception all in one place. It was a little bit of a disaster. The ceremony was outside under their porch, it was nice, but I felt like we were not only crammed in there, but anyone coming for another wedding, or at a reception that already started could see the whole thing. Not to mention, they would be loud and distracting. Still though, once they got underway you blocked those things out.

    The ceremony must have ended before it was supposed to because when we went indoors for "cocktail hour" the bar wasn't ready and appetizers weren't out. We had to wait about 15 minutes for it to start. I found out later that upon complaining to the on-site coordinator, my cousins were told they had locked in the start times and couldn't change them. Which I thought was funny since the on-site coordinator was in charge of making sure everything was timed out to flow together without waiting.

    They have their own dj and band, and my cousins said they ended up using the dj because the venue was pretty rude about them finding their own. They insinuated that the dj was included in the price and it would be hard to change that price if they made other arrangements.

    While the inside decor was pretty, it is set up sort of oddly with no real "flow" for how a reception should be staged. There were also a ton of extra tables and chairs and other things dumped on the stage behind the dj. My cousin said they were told those things weren't able to be removed. In all of their dance floor pictures, the background looks messy. The dj was horrible, he played only what he wanted, and refused requests, even by the bride and groom who had previously given him a list.

    They chose to have a cash bar, and that was okay, but they found out that the cash bar option they chose didn't include the brand choices they thought. Instead of name brand alcohols (not even the top shelf ones), it was all generic brands.

    Save your money and find a place that truely cares about showing you a nice time. There are better places than The Meadows!
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