reception sites review in Lehigh Valley

Hi guys:)

I`m looking for reviews on the following sites: Woodstone Country Club, Riverview Country Club, Iron Lakes Country Club, Green Pond Country Club. I`m looking for ANY reviews positive or negative. Please help me make a decision!!!!

Thank you
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Re: reception sites review in Lehigh Valley

  • emoran04emoran04 member
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    Definitely Silver Creek Country Club in Hellertown. It's a private CC but they allow the public to hold events there. The space is beautiful and the staff is amazing!!!! We loved that they only have 1 event a day, so you have the entire place to yourself, plus our guests were from out of town and there was a hotel about 3/4 mile away with great rates and gave us transportation to and from the Club all night for our guests. We got married there in October 2009. If you send me your email address I'd be happy to send you pictures.

    I looked at Riverview CC in Easton and thought it was really nice but all my guests were from out of town and there weren't any hotels near by.

    I didn't look at Green Pond because they didn't have any dates in our month available. Their prices are good but I heard the food isn't great. Keep in mind - I didn't go there so you may want to ask around.

    I also looked at Bear Creek (beautiful space but the rooms are expensive and they have a mininum fee per room), Hotel Bethlehem (nice but we weren't sure we wanted a Hotel Wedding), The Club at Morgan Hill (amazing views, but we wanted to book a place ASAP and they only do outdoor weddings and the tent wasn't up for us to see), Candlelight Reception and Conference Center (not a fan of it. your cocktail hour is in the same room as your reception.)

    Hope this helps. Good Luck with your planning!
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    Def. NOT Iron Lakes! LOL.  I was at a wedding there last year and wasn't impressed at all.  Very outdated...the bathrooms are down a huge flight of stairs, and the service was mediocore at best!  I've heard good things about Woodstone also....but have never been to a wedding there.  The Hotel Bethlehem is stunning - I was just at an event there 2 weeks ago.  Beautiful! But I know it isn't always the setting of choice. 

    Good luck! :-)
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    I checked the Silver Creek and it`s gorgeous!!! Unfortunately, too pricey for my budget:((
    I know Iron Lake was updated but they are remodeling it now and it should be ready by the end of this month. Besides the deco there, was anything else disappointing? How was the food? My fiance wants THE BEST food and I want an elegant, classy reception.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you
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  • amberf87amberf87 member
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    IRON LAKES IS A NO GO.  You can e-mail me for more details.  I had my wedding there.  My wedding was beautiful and more than I could have ever imagined it could be, but that is because I did everything; and my photographer, videographer, and dj were amazing!  As far as Iron Lakes goes, staff, promises, and all: THEY ARE NOT WHAT THEY CLAIM TO BE.  They did have recent renovations and it definitely is a beautiful place, but everything else is such a hassle.  Don't bother trying to get in touch with anyone and don't bother even thinking they will live up to their promises.  Also, good luck with getting all of your belongings back!!!
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