8 months to go and still no dress… Scared and dont know what to do

I am having the worst time finding a dress for my 10.11.12 wedding… I am 36 and about a 5’9” wedding dress size 22/24 and I can’t find a dress that I love both the top and bottom of on me…  I have gone to about 8 dress shops and can only try on a 2-8 dresses on and don’t feel comfortable hoping it will look nice in my size for such a pricey important gown.I have been working out with a trainer 2 times a week since Dec 13th, and cardo 4 times in the morning and eating as organic and smart choices as I can,  but am only down one dress size (not going to order smaller in case I don’t lose enough) and need to pick and order a dress soon…  the more I look the more depressed I get standing next to a 20 somthing in a size 8 dress all clipped tight while I cant get the size 12 over my chest… this week end was the worst I broke down crying after a 45 minute wait just to try on 3 dresses and look at about 5 that I loved  but was told I could not try on…Do I just give in and pick one of the 3 that looked nice but did not give me the “this is it” feeling?? I was thinking of going for the cheapest rather then sending 2k on a dress and hope it looks nice – I just feel so ugly and like I should just skip the whole thing
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Re: 8 months to go and still no dress… Scared and dont know what to do

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    I found my dress at Sandra's in Nazareth. They are AMAZING! and had plenty for me to try on in my size. (20 street... 22 ish dress). If you  haven't tried there, I really would suggest it. I had Mariah and she was great!

    and on a HUGE plus note, my dress budget was $3000, and they didn't try to make me stay at that. I showed her a few I liked, and let her pick some out too, I ended up going with one she picked, and it was under $700! Loved them even more knowing that they were just in it to find me my perfect dress and not to make me spend as much as I was willing!
  • I went there and found an ok dress.. part of my issue is i want a ball gown but they just dont seem to have that stylle with a top i like as musch as the Alines tops- they did offer to have it custom but i really need to try it on first.. thanks 
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  • I went to PL Bridal Boutique in Whitehall. Next to Jack Williams Tire on MacArthur.

    Its a consignment shop, lots of older styles that you may not have seen yet. And she has them in all sizes.

    Another option is Sue Ames Bridal Outlet in Allentown (10th and Turner, in with CE Roth)

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  • Thanks i am going to try the PL Bridal - then If i am still looking i will go with one of the ones from AA... I have been to the other sugested places - thank you ladies
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  • hey hunny, i went to davids bridal and found my perfect dress. i understand your frustration im also a bigger girl at a size 20. i got to try on about 10 different styles and i got the one of my dreams.
  • I got my dress at David's Bridal. I'm a big girl and also short. I ordered my dress in a 22W, but honestly you cannot tell. It wasn't my favorite when i was searching dresses online, but I fell in love with it the second I stepped into it. I've looked all over for dresses and I think David's has the nicest selection when it comes to bigger sizes. I feel like a queen when I'm in it. I pick it up from their seamstress in a few weeks!!
  • Oh, they can also manipulate your wedding date in their system to get the dress to you faster, at no extra charge. My flower girl dresses were on a 12 week order, and the store manager was able to change the date she needed them and they arrived in 2 1/2 weeks. Their seamstress was also very good at doing my alterations without changing the style of the dress or making me feel like I have to squeeze into it. She was able to tuck and pull and do everything else until it layed perfectly on my body and seriously made my stomach look as flat as I've seen it in years!!
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