I was hoping someone could help me Im looking all over the wilkes barre area for a place, i was hoping someone would be able to tell me any reviews on the sand springs country club in drums?? I can't find any reviews about there place for weddings... Any suggestions would be great too! Thank you!!


  • Ive never been there but from their website it looks like they're revamping the facility. Not sure what your specs are as far as number of people or feel you want but If youre looking in WB and vicinity there is Genetti's, the Waterfront, the Woodlands, Bently's, and the Colonnade in Scranton, that's where our reception will be. Hth!
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  • Thanks! I know the waterfront is closing there last weddings are in oct of this year.. ive been to woodlands its nice but im not 100 percent crazy about the ceremony area... i dont kno its just upsetting bc i feel like im never going to find a place.. ill have to check out bentleys and Colonnade in Scranton thank you!
  • Girl, I know your pain! I have been actively looking since November! The Scranton Culteral Center was beautiful but would be at the top end of our budget. Ive been to Irem Country Club, The Woodlands, Oyster, Split Rock, and Im  now looking into Woodloch. Good luck!
  • Thank you, ive been all over too appletree, woodlands, east mountain inn, irem temple, sand springs, inne of the abingtons...and a couple more... let me know how the woodloch is if u dont mind... just feel like i find something wrong with everyone of them... i do like the appletree bc the prices are great and u can basically do what u want in the reception part with decorating but the ceremony area is right next to the parking lot...ugh.. i might just suck it up after all the ceremony would only be like a half hr...
  • i'm in the same boat!! we can't decide on anything! I've been to weddings at the Appletree food is awesome!! i would love to have mine there but i feel like I'll be copying my friends. we do have an appointment with The Woodlands. Are they reasonable?? this is to the people that have been there thanks! Good luck ladies!!
  • Natalie there packages start at like 88 dollars and go up depending on what foods u decide to have or have ur guests choose from.  the bar package is inlucded in that price but is just house brands like gordons vodka. and the ceremony fee is 1500. i know they do all the decorating and i believe the package includes like a budget of 50 dollars per table for the flowers and 4 dollars per person for a cake. hope that helps! On another note I was just looked at the Glen Oak country club in clarks summit and so far that was my favorite place! there prices seem reasonable and they manager Jeff seems like a great guy that knows his stuff!
  • Thanks that helps a lot!!
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