How long should it take for my gown to come in?

I purchased my gown from Sullum's in Olyphant in APRIL. It's now 7 months later and it's still not in. I am not getting married until September of 2013, so if the dress is running a little behind, I will be fine. But I am just so scared that something happend and they never ordered it or something. So far I've called them twice and they keep saying things like "The designer is running behind. They promised more dresses than they can make" and "It should be ready by the end of October". Am I being unreasonable here? Or is something not right?

Re: How long should it take for my gown to come in?

  • they normally shouldnt take no more than 6 months. Mine took almost 7 only because the girl who delt with shipping information was on vaca and apparently no one else knew her job.

    With that sad, I think the responses you've gotten have been a little shady especially the first one you mentioned. I would wait until mid December and call again. I would demand a specific time frame from the designer. They CAN give you one, don't let them tell you they cant.
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  • Thanks so much for the advice!! I will definitely ask them to provide me with a specific time frame from the designer... because they are already past their original estimate of "the end of October". Good luck to you with your wedding planning!
  • My gowns takes 6-8 months.  I ordered it in April 2012.  The Bridal Salon owner did advise me timing is dependent on how busy the designer is (Maggie Sottero).  My deadline is December 18th...if ity's not in by that time, then I will start bugging the bridal shop owner.  LOL!
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