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We dont have any little girls in our family all of them are 12 and up so they are too old too big to be a flower girl. I do want rose petals on the aisle runner as I walk down. However, I dont know what to do. I was thinking about having my 2 year old son hold a ring bearer chest filled with flowers and he drops them as he walks. Since he is young we dont want him carrying the rings we will have the best man and maid of honor hold them. If you think my son is a bad idea to do the flowers how will they get on the floor because I want and should be the only one walking across the rose petals. So the idea of having them laid out and the bridal party walks on them before I come out is an idea wont consider. Please any ideas?


Re: flower boy

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    1 - i see no problem with a flower boy.  i think both jobs are kinda dumb, so this is no more so than a girl dropping flowers

    2 - i just had the petals on the ground before the ceremony began.  it looked pretty and we didn't have to have kids involved.
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