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We are looking for a DJ in the Lehigh Valley and found Good Vibrations. I have spoke to Paris a few time, and he seems very nice, and understands what we are looking for. My fiance is a little hesitant, because he would want to see a video reel. Has anyone used Good Vibrations? Does anyone know where I could find a video?

Thanks so much!

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    We booked Paris a few months ago for our wedding.  I haven't spoken to him recently, but when doing my research, I only found good things about him.  If you ask him to, Paris will send you dozens of referrals.  Also, have you asked him about a video reel?  I'm not sure since we didn't look into that, but he may be happy to send you one.  

    For us, he seemed very nice and extremely accommodating.  Plus his price was right.  I honestly believe he'll do an amazing job.

    And actually I just saw that you are getting married the week after us.  I was going to say that I can give you more information after my wedding, but that will be too late!  LOL.  I hope that I could help with this.  Best of luck Smile
  • Thanks so much for answering my post!! We met with him, and he seems VERY nice, and I totally agree, I think he seems very accommodating! I haven't seen one bad thing about him! I think I have to stop being nervous and just do it! lol

    Good luck with the planing!

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