hair and makeup prices?

Hi Girls,

I`m getting married next year in August but start already looking for hair and makeup prices. How much you are willing to pay for it? Are you asking the person to come and do it in your house or you will go to her place? I`m hearing mix opinion, so I`m just wondering if my stylist is charging me too much. I already talked to her about it and I would love for her to come and do everything in my house but I`m afraid of the costs. Any ideas or suggestions?
Thank you SO MUCH!!!

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Re: hair and makeup prices?

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    the moms, my bridesmaids, and i went out for lunch and then to the salon.  it was $30 a person for hair and we did our own makeup at my suite.

    For makeup I did the free makeover at Sephora and then spent a lot buying it -- but now I own the make up and could do my own touch-ups.  If you do your own makeup, I recommend MAC's clear FX finishing powder and Model in a Bottle to set your makeup and reduce shine.
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