We're trying to find a good photographer with reasonable prices, anyone found someone they like?

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    echo studios photographylink to her in my blog
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    gold, have you taken your engagement photos yet? we got our wedding photos from Leslie and they turned out wonderful. I couldn't be happier with them.
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    koko, I'm from Van, but we're living in the US, so we haven't really had a chance. We didn't have a "formal" engagement so I didn't feel like it was something we needed to do. Thinking of putting that money towards the photo booth!A friend of a friend had their engagement photos with Leslie, and that's how we found out about Sakura!
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    we just booked blu studio for our aug 2010 wedding -
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    gold, the photobooth looks like lots of fun. Our engagement session was included with our package but you had to pay for the digital files. Anyway, Leslie and Mark were great. We just got our album last week.
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    im going with sculptures of light photography.
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    Thank you! I'll give them a try
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    I booked Rebecca DeJong, she is super talented/nice, and also does complimentary engagement sessions with your package. I believe her rates have gone up since booking her...but you can always check it out.
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    Derek from Generation Photography is great.  Great bang for your buck and he's so easy to work with.
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    Try Stewart Pinsky.  I've booked him for my wedding. Nice and very experienced, talented guy who's wife is his assistant.
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    Hi Gold, 

    Check out simple wedding memories for both photo/video packages:

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    I've spent a lot of time looking for the best photographers in Vancouver and today we just booked Jonetsu. SO EXCITED! Honestly don't think you can go wrong with them. They are AMAZING and have won several awards. Their stuff is epic.

    Good luck with your search!
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    AVOID Nordica Photography.
    I booked an engagement shoot with them to try them out and had the WORST experience.

    First, they showed up at the WRONG location and did not apologize. In fact they gave us attitude for their mistake. We had to drive to where they were because they were convinced that we had it wrong. We both had iPhones so I just pulled up the email and it was clear then that they drove to the wrong location. I confirmed the time and location with them 2 days before the shoot and they assured me in their laid back tone that they had everything under control. To make matters worse, after they re-read the confirmation email and realized they were wrong they DID NOT APOLOGIZE. The entire shoot was awkward and very uncomfortable. They never conversed with us and always walked far ahead of us to avoid talking to us after the whole wrong location issue. 

    The shoot started off on the wrong foot but I would expect professionals to at least try to smooth things over but they did not put any effort into making the situation better or apologize. My fiance and I were very understanding about the whole thing, everyone makes mistakes but the fact that they did not apologize and continued to make the situation worse rubbed us that wrong way.

    At the end of the photo shoot they finally talked to us and we thought maybe they would want to make things right...Instead, they hinted that we should tip them...our jaws just dropped and hit the floor. 

    To make things even worse, we had a formal agreement that the rights of the photos belong to me and my fiance so they could not post our photos on their blog or for any other public display. I checked their website two days after our shoot and they had posted a picture of us, without our permission, on their blog! I could not believe it and contacted them immediately to remove the picture, the picture was removed and I never heard back from them again.

    I was very disappointed with the photographs they took. They gave us 80 images and I cannot use any of them for our slideshow. Overall, this was the worst experience I have ever had with a professional photographer and I would NOT recommend Nordica to anyone.
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