Vancouver Honeymoon!?! Where should we stay

Hi Friends!

Could anyone recommend a nice hotel or B&B for our honeymoon?  We just booked our flights (for the the 2nd week of June). 

Are there any hotels that cater to honeymooners? Any suggestions on where to go or what to do?

Any help you can give would be so greatly appreciated!

Re: Vancouver Honeymoon!?! Where should we stay

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    Off the top of my head, I can't think of anywhere that caters to honeymooners but I can give you some hotel ideas and then maybe get back to you. I'm sure there will be a couple girls on here that could help you out.

    The Pan Pacific Hotel is really nice and right on the water with a gorgeous view. If you want something a little different, I'd suggest The Opus Hotel. It's a boutique hotel so will give you something a little unique. There are probably quite a few B&B's that would actually be in North Vancouver, on the water, that I'm sure would be amazing.

    Hopefully someone else on here can help you more than I have!
    Enjoy's beautiful!
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    If you can make a day trip to Victoria, its such a beautiful city and you will love it. There is so much to do, like the butterfly gardens, Butchart gardens, chinatown, miniature world.
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    Oh, I would go up to Whistler.  It is so pretty there (in all seasons).

    My other suggestion would be to second Victoria.  There are some really nice B&B as well as hotels and resorts there.
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    In Vancouver you should visit Stanley Park and the Aquarium. Granville Island is also cool if you like crafts or are a foodie. Main Street and Commercial Drive are great if you like to window shop in unique shops.

    For a beautiful place to stay right down town I would recommend L'Hermitage. It's a beautiful boutique hotel that is reasonably priced. You can find online deals for under $120 and that is for a room with a separate living room with fireplace, bedroom with king bed, and a bathroom with a soaker tub. They don't specifically cater to honeymoons but they may have a honeymoon package that they don't list online.
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    Westin Bayshore, right near Stanley park! One of the nicest hotels ever! I just lvoe it.
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