Brew Creek Centre/Lodge

I'm from Portland, OR looking to do a winter wedding and my favorite venue so far is Brew Creek. Does anyone have experience (good or bad) with them?

I originally thought something in Whistler, but would like something a little more rustic. If you have another idea, I welcome that too!

Re: Brew Creek Centre/Lodge

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    I looked into having my wedding there and we visited the spot back in January. Even with the snow covering most of the area it was easy to see that it is an absolutely gorgeous place! It definitely has a rustic feel but is a ways out of Whistler which we thought might be a bit of a burden for our guests.

    Have you contacted them? For a summer wedding you are required to rent out a portion of the lodge and it was just too expensive as we're only having 70 guests at our wedding. The other pitfall was that you have to ask your guests for their accomodation money as the lodge won't take seperate transactions for each. I guess you could pay for their stay... it just seems rude to ask for money with their invite.

    We also looked at Edgewater Lodge which was very nice but small. We felt it would be great with a 40-50 person guest list but that the dining room just wasn't big enough for 70ppl and a dance floor. It has a gorgeous view of Whistler/Blackcomb (looking out over a lake) and is just 5km away from the town center. I think it has 12 or 15 guest rooms and your guests can each pay seperately at the front desk. I think you are required to do a minimum room rental here too but I don't think that would be too hard to do. Edgewater was really nice to deal with and more affordable than Brew Creek.

    We also looked at Nita Lake Lodge - definitely not rustic.

    Good luck!
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