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Hi All!

FI and I are getting married in September, but waiting until February to do a ski honeymoon. Origionally thinking about Aspen, CO but so many people have suggested Whistler that we've decided to check it out. FI is already sold, but I'd love some suggestions on place to stay.

Also, any suggestions on other activities in the area, must see things, and restaurant suggestions?

We're thinking we'll go for 10 days - 2 travel days, and 8 full days of honeymoon. FI is a huge skiier, and I like to ski but I'm not sure I'll want 8 days of it. I'd like to have some other activities to do.

Re: Whistler Honeymoon

  • Whistler is great but 8 days might be a bit much esp if you're not a ski addict. That said, you can always spend a couple days in Vancouver (my hometown) and REALLY have some fun! Whistler has pretty good shopping, great food, the village is fantastic since everything is walking distance. 

    Fantastic restaurants: Hy's, Araxi, Bearfoot Bistro, Quattro, Wildwood Bistro
    Night life: Buffalo Bills, Garibaldi Lift Co., The Longhorn

    Accomodations tip: stay in the village or upper village. Staying 'creekside' is definitely not walking distance to the main village and you will need to drive/taxi/shuttle. I've always preferred the main village as you can park your car and not think about it again since everything is walking distance. The upper village is a bit quieter so if you're looking for less noise and foot traffic go there. The main village ismore exciting though and has better shopping.

    Hotels are hit or miss. Some are more like a hostel and others are very high end. Some of my favourites are the Adara (modern, boutique style, central location) and the Fairmont. I've stayed at Crystal Lodge (ugh - hostel-like and noisy, frat boys & club kids) so any of those types I"d avoid as they're not romantic. If this is your honeymoon I'd splurge on a GOOD hotel with a Hot Tub (you'll want it after skiing) or really do it right and rent a condo in the village! Many of the hotels don't have room service because food and restaurants are everywhere, just down stairs.
  • I agree with PP.  Whistler is good for a couple days of skiing, but other than that, there isn't much to do in the winter.

    I also suggest spending a few days in Vancouver.  There are local mountains you can ski here too if you want to do some more skiing, or else there is tons of other stuff to do!

    As for hotels in Whistler, I've only ever stayed at the Pan Pacific Hotels (my mom used to work for PP) and they have always been fabulous.

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  • We had a great stay at the Coast Blackcomb suites. It's a super great hotel, ski in ski out! 
    I agree to stay in the upper village or main village. 8 days is a bit long but there is also snowshoeing, cross country skiing, spas and shopping. There are some other excursions in the area, like dog sledding, heli skiing, snowmobiling. There is a hockey rink where you can ice skate. There is a native cultural center as well. What are you loooking to do??

    Kylie recommended some good restuarants for fancy, I also like the Brewhouse and the Irish pub for something more casual.

    I'd agree to spend a few days in Vancouver as well on your way in or out. The local hills are decent (DH and I work at cypress mountain) and there is more for you to do.

    Feel free to PM me if you have more specific questions.
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