Looking for a Red or Snowflake or Christmasy type Wedding Dress

Our wedding is on December 21, 2013. We're going to be renting out Rowena's On the River in Harrison Mills. Everything is falling into place, but I'm not able to find a wedding dress that makes you think 'Winter Wedding', or preferably, 'Christmas Wedding'.
My dream dress is like gold or champagne color, strapless, with beading that resemble 'TASTEFUL' snowflakes - or the same color dress with red trim, or faux red fur around the bottom edges.
There are ALOT of Winter, Christmasy dresses on the internet, but most of them (if not all) are on sketchy websites or simply a picture with no website at all. 
If anyone knows of a store in Vancouver or around the lower mainland that has such a collection of dresses, or if anyone knows of where I could look, that would be simply amazing.
I live in Langley and work in Burnaby - but am willing to travel to have a peek.
Thank you!!!

Re: Looking for a Red or Snowflake or Christmasy type Wedding Dress

  • Hi BCSuzie,
    What an amazing choice of color for your wedding dress. I can just imagine how it will look. Very exciting. It helps that we are in the Christmas season right now to picture it.
    My photography friend (Andy Scheffler) has many connections in the wedding industry, so I'll ask her. In the mean time, happy hunting.
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