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If any of you ladies are doing this, or have already, is there a specific way I should go about doing my name change once the wedding is over? Im not sure where I should start, or what different places accept for name change. I will be doing my drivers license first. Any ideas?

Re: Changing my name

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    See the link below. By the sounds of it the first place you want to go is the registry office to have your ID (drivers license or AB ID if you don't have a license) and vehicle registration changed. From that point you can change your name with other places. I am not sure how it would work to change your name for income tax and what not... If I find out anymore information I will post it. My mom changed back to her maiden name not too long ago so I will ask her about it.
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    I changed my drivers license first and at the registry place they told me I didn't need to order the government marriage license, that the church one would be accepted at Banks, etc to change my name. Not the case! The Bank needed the government marriage license, so I had to go back and order it, then wait the extra week or so for it to come in. Total PITA!
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