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AW:Pro Pics

I have started to update my bio with some pro pics! deniseandcolin.weebly.com if anyone is interested Also does anyone know how I can make the pictures smaller (MB wise) so I can upload all of them to that site? TIA

Re: AW:Pro Pics

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    I figured out the picture thing.. a friend of mine is a computer god and sent me a link for a tool to do it!I'm not sure about the other DJ's from Night Magic, a few of them that filled in for Peter at the Corona were awful (if I can remember his name I'll page you so you don't get him) but Peter rocks! Jenny isn't with Modern Twist anymore but Jamie is still there and all of the girls are really good. Tammy for the make up was awesome, I found her through the bridal guide with the newspaper.. I noticed she used M.A.C make-up and contacted her right away!
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    I love your engagement pics MrsJesse! I would have never thought to get pictures there. Maybe someday we'll do some family pics there Also I saw that you are having your reception at the Calaghan(sp?) I've been to a few events there and the food is really good. Plus their balcony rocks.
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    yeah we had all the rooms because C's mom had such a huge guest list but we had about 75 RSVP no and the of course the people that RSVP yes and don't show up so we had about 10 empty tables. At the time we booked if you had a certain package and a certain amount of people booked/room booked they waived the rental fee. They've changed the wording but I think they'd still to it. We'll have to go check out Strathcona Park and the paths to Med-Alta... I've never been down there. We pretty much always go to the off-leash park at Kin Coulee, Dex(our beagle) loves it there.
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