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I'm looking for apple cider and can't find it anywhere in Lloydminster.  Do any of you that live in Edmonton know of a place that has it?  I'll be making a quick trip early in November and would love to be able to bring some home wtih me. Thanks in advance!!

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    Never mind.  I found some. Thanks!
  • wadingmoosewadingmoose
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    Whew.  The only place I knew to look was downtown :) Where'd you find it?  Are you making P2's cider recipe?  I think I'm going to make it for our NYE party :)

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    I ended up looking at Walmart again and found some.  I apparently missed Vogt's post where she mentioned to look with the produce, so when I re-read my thread the other day and saw that, I did just that and voila, there it was. Yeah, I'm gonna try P2s recipe.  It sounds sooo good.  I'll have to see if I can find that 50% vodka, though.
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