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where to even begin

Where to start.....there`s so much to do i have absolutely NO idea where to even begin. This is my second marriage and the first go round I let everyone else take over and I am bound and determined not to let that happen again.  Id love suggestions on how to get started or where to start.

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Re: where to even begin

  • kittieikittiei member
    edited December 2011
    Congratulations! I think the first thing you need to do is start a guest list, it might change a bit but it'll give you a rough idea of how big of a space you'll need, then you'll need to find a venue, from there you can pick a date depending on what they have available.  Setting a budget will also help you pick a venue, there is a Budgeter here on TK that can help you figure out how much to spend on each item depending on what your overall budget is. Once you have a date and a venue, you can start thinking about your colours and then the other things will start to fall into place :)

    Good Luck!
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  • cjkostiukcjkostiuk member
    edited December 2011
    I was super stressed in the beginning! My advice is sit down with the FI. Talk budget, guest list and what season you want to get married in. I bought a wedding book so I could write eveything down, it helped me feel more organized. Research some venues, Call any that your interested in and go have a look. Taking my FI venue shopping helped get him in wedding planning mood! 
    We are here if you need help! 

  • edited December 2011
    I agree with everything the others have said.  I was completely confused as to where to begin when I first got engaged too.  One thing I did was decide on my wedding date, I found a free wedding planner online, called ez wedding planner, www.ezweddingplanner.com, it is awesome.  I helps you with a budget, guest list, seating plan.  For me I planned things a little different.  I picked my wedding date, my wedding colors,  my wedding party ect.  I haven't planned things in any particular order.  I also bought a wedding planner book too, The Bride's Wedding Planner Book Deluxe) to help with my planning.  When creating a budget I thought of how much I was willing to spend, then how much I was willing to spend on certain items like my dress.  Once you know how many people are coming you can pick your venue.  It really isn't as complicated as it seems.
  • kyla2012kyla2012 member
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    thanks for the information, we have planned a date as well as have the venue set so I think I am making some progress.....
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