Entrance song for the boys?!

I'm having a difficult time getting my FI to like any songs for his entrance! He's thinking Bach or something classical, however I'm having my girls and myself walk down to more upbeat (aka happy) modern songs.

What are you guys considering for the boys?

Re: Entrance song for the boys?!

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    ours are walking in to an instrumental of yellow by coldplay. try the reception ideas board, this board doesnt get a lot of traffic, so you wont get many answers here :)
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    Our boys are entering from behind the altar at the beginning. No music, just filing in. However, my girls are entering to `Today`by Joshua Radin. I love that song :)
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    We had several different instrumental songs playing in the beginning when guests & the boys walked in.  Vitamin String Quartet has a lot of pop songs that sound lovely as instrumentals.  My girls walked in to Enya's Only Time (Vitamin String Quartet version) and I walked in to Canon in D.  Honestly I don't know what song ended up being on when the boys walked in.
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