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Calgary Bridal Centres

Hello fellow Albertans! I have a question, I am going to be looking for "the dress"very soon and I was wondering if any of you gals have purchased bridal gowns from any of the bridal stores in Calgary, and how was your experince. I am clueless where to start.  Thank you in advance!
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Re: Calgary Bridal Centres

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    Hi there, I'm still looking for "the dress" myself but have tried Ethos, Cameo & Cufflinks, and The Bridal Centre.
    My experience at The Bridal Centre was terrible, the woman did not listen to me at all and kept bringing me dresses that were nothing like I was looking for.

    I had a good experience at both Ethos and Cameo & Cufflinks...didn't find anything quite right at Cameo but they did have some good sale dresses available.  
    I made appointments at all of them but I went to Ethos a second time to try a dress again without an appointment and they had no problem fitting me in (on a Saturday).

    Good luck!
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    I bought my dress at Sonia's - it's a really cute store (in an old house!) but it's crowded and they only have two dressing rooms.  I bought my dress there as it was the only place that had the dress I thought I wanted.  They were efficient and helpful but stayed out of my way (I hate pushy sales people so this was good for me).
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    I am in Edmonton, however I bought my dress at Ethos.  I made an appointment to go during the week, as the weekends the store tends to be extremely busy, however I had a great appointment.  The lady who helped me the first time was absolutely wonderful.  Listened to what I wanted and hten brought me only dresses that fit that, so I bought the first dress I tried on.  I wondered into Ethos on a Saturday to try my dress on again, as I had my future Step-daughter with me and again I was treated very nicely (I didn't have an appointment that day).  They have a lot of dresses and they are absolutely not pushy at all.  I am not sure if there is an Ethos in Calgary, however I would recommend the 3 hour drive to Edmonton.

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    Thank you so much everyone for you input!! Sherry I just moved to Edmonton a month ago, so I shall look at the Ethos here! Since my family is in Calgary that's why I was going to look there, but I will totally take a peek at the Ethos here!

    Thanks again to everyone!
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    I'm from Edmonton too, and I agree - avoid the Bridal House. I had a horrible pushy experience there too. They completley ignored my budget and lied to me about availability within a line I was familiar with. Not good.

    If you do go in Edmonton, I found "The One" at Bridal Debut in Sherwood Park. I've heard hit or miss things, but Robin was amazing. I'm going to see her for Bridesmaid dresses for sure.

    Also, Davids bridal is opening in South Common, but I don't know when. Should be worth the wait to check out if you have the time to do it!
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