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How do you pick a good Marriage Commissioner in Calgary?

Hey girls,
I need your help. There are so many marriage commissioners (MC) out there - does anyone have any tips for what makes a good MC? Do you know of any great ones?

We were hoping to get someone who can be slightly funny and light hearted but make the ceremony memorable. Know of anyone? Please let me know.


Re: How do you pick a good Marriage Commissioner in Calgary?

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    If you have any luck please let me know I am trying to find one as well! 

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    Hey, are you looking in the Calgary area?

    I found a few google searches that gave me a few leads, but I haven't contacted anyone.

    My Fav site was: http://www.servicealberta.gov.ab.ca/1156.cfm. It lists their names, contact info and their websites if they have one.

    Good luck!
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    I did a search in google and we found an incredible Commissioner, we ended up meeting with three but I found that the first 2 were too expensive and i just didn't mesh well with them. One of the guys was already 250 dollars and wanted charge and extra 100 for a rehearsal, and he also said that he does not like to work with Bride's who cry....he was really strong and opinionated.

    Our commissioner we went with is named Linda and she is awesome, very nicely priced and made us extremely comfortable!
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    Jackie Hoare She is really awesome she did ours and was amazing! search her and mc in Calgary and her site pops up
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    Did you look at the Government of Alberta Website? They have a whole list of comissiners from all over the province and their contact information.

    I'd recommend Stacy Price, she is from Crossfield, AB (25 mins north of Calgary) and is a really good family friend. She's very charasmatic and funny, plus tryies to get to know the couple during the planning stages so that she can make the ceremony more personal. 

    Hope this helps :)
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