Indoor photo locations in Edmonton

Anyone know of any good indoor photo locations in Edmonton? I've seen some nice photos from the Muttart Conservatory and Alberta Art Gallery, but am just wondering what other people might have found!

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    I've seen some really pretty ones taken inside of the Rutherford House at the University campus as well as in NREF on university campus (If you like the architectural style of concrete and metal as backgrounds).  The old Arts Building on campus is really nice too.

    There is an indoor garden in the Citadel theatre and the Ramada Hotel Courtyard as well.  I've also seen photos being taken inside Manulife place.

    You can take photos in the Winspear Centre, the Timms Centre, Neil Crawford Centre, and St. Andrew's Centre.

    I've also heard that the Armoury and Edmonton Public School Archives have nice backgrounds for indoor photos.

    Hope this list helps!
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    Try Rutherford House.
    My sister got her photos there. Stunning! There is a huge staircase and wonderful couches.
    ETA: website

    she had her wedding at the Armory and there were great photos there as well.
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    Wow, thanks for the great suggestions, ladies! I will definitely be checking these out!
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    Devonian Botanical Garden, inside the old houses at Fort Edmonton Park, WEM fantasyland (seen some cool pics in front of the merry-go-round), inside an older elementary (or other) school (I love some of the pics on Picture That Photograph's site of a schoolroom wedding photo shoot), rent a room at the local theatre (especiallly a discount theatre if you want a bargain), inside the entrance/lobby, escalator of the Shaw Conference center, in the LRT station (be quick with your photos though, get in and get out before security gets there, or they'll kick you out, but google and you'll see some great shots of what I'm talking about).
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    There is a great blog in Edmonton by a photographer that lists good photography locations with images, pro's, con's, pricing etc. under wedding photography locations
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    Try the Neil Crawford Centre or the AGriculture Building. The have the most fabulous rotundas with trees and waterfalls - not sure what the price is but I think it's extreemly reasonable.
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