Up-Dos for I Dos - Reviews?

All - I'm currently considering booking Up-Dos for I Dos for my hair and make-up for myself and bridesmaids.  Has anyone used them or know of anyone who has used them?

Re: Up-Dos for I Dos - Reviews?

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    I would post over on the Baltimore board--I know a lot of people have used that company (and there are many more people who post there!)
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    I used Ashley for my hair, and she did a great job, and was so much fun to have around the morning of my wedding. If you google Up Do's For I Do's and go to their blog, I'm one of her most recent blogged entries for my September 19 wedding.
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    I booked Ashley & Danielle for my wedding coming up in March - the whole bunch of them are the most fun group of girls to have around!  And they're work is wonderful.  You can schedule a trial hair and makeup appointment on Thursday's at Ashley salon in Catonsville.  Its expensive but worth it.

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