Call about winning a vacation and coupons? Scam????

Hey guys I just got a call from this lady who said that my FI and I had been selected and won a vacation for 3 days and 2 nights and we could pick from all these places and we also got $1000 in grocery coupons and if we wanted to we could purchase houseware products from them for 20%-40% off. She said that she had gotten my information from the knot and I was just wondering if this was a scam or if any one else had gotten this call? She said they work with the marriot hotel and there were going to be there tonight and tomorrow night for us to come prove our engagment and claim our prizes...HELP!!!! I don't know what to do?? And my FI is in the military and is not in our hometown right now and I told her this and she said that she would make a note of it and work something out that we had a year and a half to claim our prize. What do you guys think?

Re: Call about winning a vacation and coupons? Scam????

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    seralee5804seralee5804 member
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    I won 2 of these!! It's no scam they just want you to buy the $1500 pots and pans!!

    It's threw Chef World Inc. They have a web site and you can pull up all the locations that you can go on your vacation.

    Must likely you'll get Ray who is a JERK!! You don't have to buy anything, but when you tell him you don't he gets angry. I actually called the 1-800 number back about him and that's how we got the 2nd trip.

    I also won one threw Simply Gourmet and they were super nice!! And weren't jerks when I said we didn't want the pots and pans.
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    gelly bellygelly belly member
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    i've won like four of them through different companies... the best by far is chef world. we wont the 3day/2night on sunday at a bridal show. we got the lady i forgot her name but she was awesome. me and my hunny decided we would invest in these pots and pans but at a later date without the discount Cry but hey i won't complain. i've been in school and work full-time so no vacations for us. but this last one will be our honeymoon that we might extend. 

    chef world i say is the best because their trips and agencies they use are far better rated. the hotels and resorts they use are known brands that are excellent. i  say if you won... sit through the presentation and get your prizes!!!!
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