Waterfront or B&B Venue in Kent Island/St. Michael's

We're newly engaged!!

My fiance and I have been shopping around and can't seem to find the right venue.  We're both very laid back and would like an intimate, small wedding (75 - 100 guests).  I would prefer an all-inclusive type place so I won't have to stress about all the little details (renting tents, tables, chairs, caterer, etc.). 

Budget: To be honest, I would prefer to spend under $20,000 for the venue, entertainment, cake, florist, etc. but if the right place comes along, I wouldn't mind spending $25,000 - $30,000.

So far, we've looked at the following places:

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club (CBBC)
Kent Manor Inn (a little too "historic" for our taste)
Silver Swan
Sandaway in Oxford
Harbourtown - St. Michael's

I've found online - Herrington By The Bay and it seems nice but a little expensive.  Last night, I also checked out Quiet Waters in Annapolis but I think that would be a lot of work to hire caterers, tables, linens, etc.

I've recently stumbled across Bartlett Pear Inn (B&B in St. Michael's) and LOVE the look of it.  Anyone know of it?

Any other recommendations would be very much appreciated!!

Thank you!

Re: Waterfront or B&B Venue in Kent Island/St. Michael's

  • Congrats! I am newly engaged as well. My FI and I looked at:

    Sliver Swan
    Kent Manor Inn

    The CBBC is beautiful but it is more than I wanted to spend. We did not like Kent Manor Inn either. We loved the Silver Swan. Did you go take a look at it? I was told they will be renovating and saw a picture of the blueprints and what it is supposed to look like. Looks like it will be gorgeous. I also did call the county planning and zoning to verify what stage the Silver Swan is in as far as permits.

    I believe we will be signing a contract with them very soon!

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  • Congrats to you and your fiance as well!

    Yes, we went to Silver Swan and you are GOOD for calling and finding out about their renovations.  I really liked the inside of it right now (before renovations) and I would be scared to sign a contract without knowing exactly what it was going to look like.  We saw a picture of the outside - very Tuscan!  I really liked that they had a great indoor area just in case!  

    I liked CBBC but I'd prefer not to have to work with minimums.  Plus, CBBC Tavern Ballroom didn't have the best option for indoor ceremony if it happened to rain that day. 

    I'm hoping to hear about a B&B or perhaps other venues besides the typical "Wedding" venues - I thought it might save us some money! 

    Thanks for your post and best of luck to you!

  • I just had my wedding at Herrington on the Bay (September 1st -- Yippee) and it was absolutely beautiful and fabulous.  AND they were super great about working with us to stay within our budget. 

    Michael was our Event Designer and we love him -- he was great to work with and took care of me every step of the way -- even when I was going into bride meltdown mode in the last weeks before the wedding.  If you visit there -- definitely, work with Michael and you'll be in great hands -- he even answered a couple of emails after midnight from home.

    Brittany was our Event Coordinator and she was absolutely fantastic as well.  She saw to every detail of my reception and made sure that everything went flawlessly for my reception.

    Together they worked to make our day as stree free and fun as possible.  Highly recommend Herrington on the Bay.
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    Bartlett Pear Inn (which is in Easton, not St. Michaels) will be small for that large of a group. Honestly, pretty much any B&B will be small for 75-100 people. The only one I can think of that could accomodate that size group would be Antrim 1844 in Carrol County.  If Easton is okay with you, have you looked at the Tidewater Inn? It would be a good size for 75-100 people.
  • Try The Oaks in St. Michaels 
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    I thought of another option. Check out the Tilghman Island Inn on Tilghman Island. They require you to take all of the rooms in the Inn, but with a guest list of your size that should not be an issue for you (it was for us, so we ruled it out). They have a stunning waterfront view and their glass enclosed dining area just highlighs those views perfectly.
  • Thank you, I will check out Tilghman Island Inn.  We're going to see a few places on Monday so I hope we find the "one".  I'll keep you all updated!
  • How was Tilghman Island Inn?  Did you make a deicsion yet?
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