Need Help: DJ and Officiant Vendors

Hello all,

I am in desprate need of a resonably priced DJ and Officiant (non denominational).  Do any of you have recommendations?  Looking to spend around $300 for officiant and no more than $800 for the DJ.

Thank you for the help in advance!

Re: Need Help: DJ and Officiant Vendors

  • I'm using a guy who goes by DJ Groundhog, he did my brothers wedding a few years back and was great! I think its around $700.  My officiant is out of NJ but willing to travel, go to to get contact info, I believe he's around $400. Seemed really nice went I met him, really helpful in designing the ceremony you want, and has a lot of experience.
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  • I'm using Shewsical for my DJ. They are out of Frederick. They have a great reputation and were really friendly. Total came to 700 or 800...I forget.
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    I hate to do this because I really want to be able to recommend my DJ, but I highly recommend that you NOT go with Jason Canaan/Accent Events out of the Glen Burnie area.  He did my wedding, and he was the only vendor I regret hiring. 

    There were a lot of issues with communicating with him before the wedding, so I should have known, but the straw that broke the camel's back was that because of him, my wedding started 30 minutes late. My entire bridal party was ready exactly when the wedding was slated to begin, but he was not ready... until 30 minutes later.  It actually messed us up quite  a bit for the rest of the night because it was a domino effect (my husband's speech was cut short, we ate our food cold, we didn't circulate when everyone was eating... it was a bigger impact than I would have expected).

    His price is reasonable, and I wish I could recommend him because he's a very nice and charismatic guy, but I cannot.
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