I'll start off by saying Hi, since this is the first time I have posted on this bored.
So we had a meeting with a photographer tonight and wanted to get input on the pricing. 
For $3,000 we get,
  • unlimited time
  • unlimited books
  • CD of photos without the copy rights
  • photos are edited
So I was wonder if this was a good price or if there was any one else who might be a little cheaper. 

Re: Photographer

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    Oh dear.....ours is 800.00 for the same thing...have seen her work and she has also photographed our son......i have known her for years as i have went to school with her but the price was not discounted for me.
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    Did you mean to say with copyrights?  Is this for more than one photog?  I think you can get the same package for cheaper from many photographers, though if you truly love this person's work you may think it's worth the $3k.  I encourage you to shop around, though, and see if you find someone you like for less.
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    Ditto on Stephanie Miller.  She is great to work with :)
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    He does not put copy rights on his wedding photos. He said we pay him to take picture the day of and do the books not hold are pics so we have to go to him anytime we would more. I like that so I can go to target and print anything I wanted to. We are going to talk to him see if he can drop his price at all. We were trying to stay ay $2,000 for photos. Thanks for the input.
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    We are using Julie Hipkins from Originations Photography

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    Wow! try our photographer...I always tell everyone they were really great and will most definitely save you some money. If their pricing hasn't changed It sounds like they are more in your budget range...I think that you would like them! they were our favorite vendor...GOOD LUCK!

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    Be Photography is also much more affordable. I have not worked with him yet but he has great reviews and the pictures are amazing.
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