Venue suggestions for near Columbia/Howard County?

I have a bit of a tight timeline, so I'm trying to get the venue squared away quick!

I'm not that interested in all inclusive packages, but it's hard to find anything else when using Google!

Here's what I'm looking for:

-I'm in Columbia and would like to be within a thirty minute drive
-Probably 110-120 guests
-Would like to do an outdoor ceremony (with, like, maybe a gazebo?) and then reception (preferably indoor) following in the same area.
-I would much prefer to bring our own food
-Looking to stay under $2,000

Anyone have any thoughts? I've been calling local parks and I'm hopeful on that front, but I'd like to find as many possible options as I can.

Re: Venue suggestions for near Columbia/Howard County?

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    Hebron House in Ellicott City
    Howard County Conservancy (out of your budget for a Saturday, but could maybe work for a Friday/Sunday)
    Patapsco Female Institute (unique space, no indoor option, but you could tent it)
    Savage Mill Manor House (in house catering, again out of budget for Saturday)
    Elkridge Furnace Inn  (in house catering, again out of budget for Saturday)
    Nixon's Farm (right off of 32 between West Friendship and Clarksville)
    Robinson Nature Center (right off 32 near Hickory Ridge)

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    Awesome! Thank you so much for the ideas!
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    So I loved the Conservancy Lovekiss mentioned, and perfect for your guest count too.  It would probably be my venue if I didnt have so many guests.
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    Also wanted to add in The Other Barn. The outdoor space for the ceremony is meh, considering that it's right there in the village center and not all that private, but the rental rates are very reasonable, you can cater as you please, etc.
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    I've contacted the Conservancy and the Patapsko Female Institute and they both look like really good possibilities! FI loves the idea of the ruins at the Female Institute!
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