Union Mills Homestead - Racism?

Hello everyone!

I recently have been reading the feed here about Union Mills and the place looks beautiful. One thing that worries me is the comments about racism. As I am Latina, I am obviously very concerned. Could someone let me know their impressions of The Kountry Kitchen & Katering (a bad sign from the initials)?



Re: Union Mills Homestead - Racism?

  • WHAT?  I mean I am white but Tom at the Kafe has been nothing but amazing thus far, a very nice guy.  I can not imagine him being racist but I guess you never know.  I will say I highly doubt it based on my interaction with him.  He almost always answers his phone and will meet up with you at crazy times and often offers that if x should happen he would run out to fix it.  Though again I am white so I could be completely missing it, but I will be one upset lady if it were true because I have several interracial couples in my family, including my half African (literally, my SIL is Kenyan) nephews who are my ring bearers, and a couple black families (not blood related but I call them my Uncles still) will be attending.   

    Im mad this is even a possibility actually, but again I have no impression that he is racist.
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  • thanks for posting! I didnt get that impression when I spoke to him on the phone but, as I mentioned, others left comments in past posts that people who work for Kountry Kitchen said some racist things. So I just wanted to get a feel from others.

    It's definitely a beautiful space, though! And very affordable.
  • We were looking at Union Mills and one other and genuinely couldn't decide, so we started looking at reviews. Based on the reviews we read it seemed like Kountry Kafe and Katering is openly affiliated. I have no idea if that's true or not, but we dropped them based on other people's reviews corroborating our initial suspicions. I realize that may be alarmist, but we decided that there would be no question of what we support with our wedding funds. 
  • So, I decided to be direct and go ahead and speak to the guy at Kountry Kafe. He was appalled that certain comments exist on this website about his company having any affiliation with the KKK or being racist in any way. 

    The history of the name is that he purchased the original company (which was been an established name in the community). In hindsight, it would have been smarter for them to change the name - but that's neither here nor there.

    Besides, after thinking about it - why would an openly affiliated KKK group cater for a non-profit that receives government money and therefore is required to work with different racial groups?
  • Haha well I'm glad he spoke to you openly about it. Again he's really a nice guy so I never received that impression. Sometimes being direct is necessary though, good for you, but good for me to know what I was getting into lol. If his servers were rude to my family I would be so upset. Good luck as you finalize your venue! Whether it be at the Homestead or not
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