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My husband and I were married on July 16th so I thought a vendor review would be helpful to anyone still in the planning process!

Venue/Caterer - M&T Bank Stadium/Aramark (A+)
Carly, who was our venue coordinator, was so helpful.  She was always available by email or phone if I had any questions or concerns.  The food provided by Aramark was incredible!  We used action stations and each station had two chef attendents to help guests prepare their plates.  I loved the venue, it is so unique and extremely nice on the club level.  Oh, and pictures on the field are most definitely allowed.

Bridal Salon - Amanda Ritchey's, Fallston (A-)
The girls at the salon are very helpful and are very knowledgeable about all the dresses.  The girl who helped me picked out a dress that I never would have tried on but it ended up being "the one".  The dress came in very quickly and they kept it at the salon until your fittings.  The only reason I give it a A- is because of their alterations lady.  She is nice, however she tends to get impatient when you have an issue or want to change something that she has done.  An example would be my bustle, she sewed on two plain buttons to the back of my dress (which had no beading, lace, etc to hide them).  They were an eye sore so we called and said that something different needed to be done.  She expected me and my mom to come up with a solution because she just didn't know what else to do.  When we went back in th owner of the store was there, we explained what happened and she stayed to make sure we left happy.  At the end all was well and my dress was perfect!

DJ - DJDelights (C)
Completely average.  I had a hard time contacting the owner (Tom Gavin) and when I did he was always doing his "salesman" act...very annoying.  Everything is done over the internet which I wasn't too thrilled with because I just feel better talking with someone face to face.  The thing that irritated me the most was that Tom told me that he and one other DJ would be attending; however, the day arrives and Tom is no where to be found.  He never sent me an email or called to explain his absence.  In addition the DJ that did come did his job (he played music) but that is it.  He didn't try and interact with anyone, he was very quiet, he kept asking us questions like he wasn't sure what was going (not a good time when you are in your "I just got married" blur).  All in all, everyone had a good time, the music was good and we dance the night away but I just felt like it could have been so much better.  Oh and do not add the was crappy!

Cake - Flavor Cupcakery, Bel Air (A+)
Amazing!!!  Such a great experience using them.  They made custom cupcake wrappers and really worked with me to make them exactly like I wanted.  Everyone gobbled up the cupcakes so I am guessing they were good!  Also, cupcakes are so much more cost efficient then a traditional cake and look just as not if not cuter!

Flowers - Flowers by Design, Bel Air (A+++)
I used to work at this florist so I am a bit partial but they do amazing work.  Patti (the owner) is so talented!  She went above and beyond and I loved everything that she did.  They are very direct as to what will and won't work and also what type of flowers are the best choice.  They won't try and appease you just to get your business and then turn around and tell you that everything they said they could they can't now.  What you talk about at your consult is exactly what you will get the day of your wedding and most likely a bit more!

Hair and Makeup - Ashley (hair), Karen (makeup) from Jordan Thomas Salon, Bel Air (Ashley gets an A+ and Karen gets a B-)
Ashley is amazing.  My hair was perfect and exactly what I wanted.
The only reason Karen gets a B- (because the makeup she did was amazing...I looked like me but ten times better) is that she is slow and she never got back to me about when she would arrive at my house.  I had told her that one of the girls decided not to get her makeup done so she could come at 8:30 instead of 8...I never heard from her and she didn't show up until 9:15.  Needless to say this pushed us back a little.

Linens - Dove Linen, Inc, Glen Burnie (A+)
Definitely don't let the look of the office turn you away.  They are so nice and very helpful.  They brought out tons of linens for us to look at and did not care that we took forever to pick something LOL!  I placed my order about 3 weeks before the wedding and specified what day I wanted to pick them up...when I arrived the linens were packaged nicely and pressed.  They are very easy to deal with.

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