Shower location around Frederick or Westminster

Any recommendations for shower venues in the vicinity of Frederick or Westminster?  There would be about 30 guests.  Thanks for your help!

Re: Shower location around Frederick or Westminster

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    Hello there!  I'm a Westminster bride and I've been thinking about the same thing.  Do you attend a church?  I'm thinking of using a church's rec hall or something as a possible location.  Also, any firehall around the area should be willing to host your shower.  Maybe a hotel would have a conference room (for a fee).  Best Western in Westminster is nice.  I'm sorry this isn't very specifc, but hopefully it gets you thinking!
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    Hi!  My fiance grew up in New Windsor, I grew up in Texas, and neither of us lives in MD now.  We are having a shower in the Westminster area because that's where one of my bridesmaids lives and it's a more-or-less central area for extended family.  My fiance went to St. John's Catholic Church growing up.  They do have a parish hall.  I think we are going to have the shower at Gypsy's Tearoom.  Good luck with your planning!
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