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Need a little help- usually on the programs u write a thank u to both sets of parents HOWEVER my parents are the only ones contributing finacially to the wedding.  Both sets of my fiances parents have not helped financially or in any other way for our 150+person wedding.  How do i word the program thanks to parents?

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    You're not just thanking them for financial contributions. You're thanking them for helping you along the path to being where you are today, for the love, emotional and financial support, good advice, etc. that have helped you to become the people that you are and the partners that you are. "Support" and "help" are more than money, or at least that is how I see it.

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    Ditto the others, but I also wanted to add that you don't have to thank your parents  in your programs.  Definitely don't thank one set of parents and not the other, but you can just leave it out.
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