Help finding a party site!

So, my husband and I got married a few weeks ago - but it was basically just parents/grandparents. We are looking to throw a reception/party for everyone who didn't come (i.e. aunts, uncles, cousins, friends) and I am having the hardest time to find a place! Ideally, it would a place where we could put up a tent and just have a nice bbq - I already have a caterer. If there was rooms for overnight stay, that would be great as well! 

I am trying to stay on the AA county side of the bay, because it will end up being in the summer and I don't want to subject my out-of-town guests to fighting with bridge traffic. 

I am not interested in doing something like Sandy Point, because we would like this to be in the evenig - not a party during the day.

Given all my picky requirements :-) Any suggestions? Every other "wedding" place I have looked at is either way too expensive or won't let you use your own caterer.


Re: Help finding a party site!

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    Have you looked at Quiet Waters Park? They have a venue space, but it's a huge park so they may have other areas where you would be allowed to do the tent thing. Since it's a private park, you may be able to have an evening event.  Another option would be to look at renting a vacation house through VRBO or another similar site. If you go that route, make sure that the house rental would allow you to throw a party at the site. You could also start searching through farms in south county and see if any of them would allow you to use their space. It doesn't hurt to ask, right?
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    Thanks for the idea! I did try Quiet waters... and it's booked. LOL! Like nearly everything else since it is only 4 months away!
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