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So I am trying to do a fairly budget wedding, and the venue I picked doesn't do any clean up. I don't know how responsible myself and my guests will want to be for this. Does anyone know any vendors for a clean up crew. Also my venue needs us to take our trash with us. Any advice?


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    Do you have a caterer?  I had a venue I was interested in that also requested the trash be taken with them and the caterer I was looking at said it would be just fine.  The caterer sort of runs the show at venues where they do not supply them (often taking care of linens, tables, chairs, table set up, etc.).  Otherwise, my cousin had a wedding reception after her destination wedding outside in a tent, and afterwards the bridal party started taking down tables and such, next thing they knew much of us were helping out and of course my uncles and such.  I had no issue with this at all, and if someone didn't wanna help well, they didn't.  Is it rude to expect this? Maybe but I don't think it's too much to ask of like your father and bridal party especially if it is quite informal.  Took us maybe 20 mins to get things stacked and packed with all of us helping.
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    Agree with first poster - your caterer should be responsible for most of the clean-up.  Also if you have the budget for a Day-Of coordinator they would also oversee clean-up.  Personally I'm having a wedding planner/coordinator for peace of mind for the set-up/break-down, checking in vendors. etc.  Just want to be able to relax and celebrate that day.  Check out Margo from the bright occasions, she's been great so far -

    If you don't have the budget, consider asking a few RESPONSIBLE friends/family members? 
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