Now that i've looked around...

I have a budget finally for my reception.  The date: April 2013.  The budget: 5k (thats for decorations-tablecovers and linens, food-plated meal, and bartender.  I am open to having outside but inside is preferable.  Also, trying to stay in the southern maryland area.  But I am open to the DMV (D.C, Maryland, northern Virginia) areas as well


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    if you are ok with baltimore, try the Carroll Mansion, tell them you are on a tight budge looking for an all inclusive venue and give them your total budget They will try to work with you. My total budget was about $3000 and they met it but I was looking for super simple too. But it might be worth a try.
    Also, depending on the size of your wedding it might fit in your budget, the baltimore spirit cruises is rented by pp plate, plus they have a photog, cake, dj, and can even get married on the boat for flat rates.
    Everywhere else I know of is only hall rental, you have to get everything external.
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    thanks!  I will look into these places!  I like the idea of Spirit cruise!  
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    ...How many people??? 
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