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Hi all :)  I've been lurking on these forums for a while, but rarely post.  I've been struggling to hire a DJ (the wedding will be in Salisbury).  Does anyone have recommendations for DJs on the Eastern Shore?  Thanks a lot!!!

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    I recommend World Renown Entertainment (" target="_blank">, although I have not had my wedding yet. They were awesome at my friend's wedding. They were fun and not cheesy at all.  They are also part of

    Good Luck
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    i absolutely recommend Evan Reitmeyer at Mydeejay. He was AMAZING.

    not "dee-jay-y" at all, he didn't talk a lot during the recepetion except to announce special things. his mix of music was fantastic, and literally kept everyone on the dance floor the entire night. it was never empty. he did an amazing progression from older hits in the earlier part of the night to contemporary ones later in the night.

    he was so amazing. seriously. one of my best vendors.


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    Check out Jason Canaan: He's awesome.  Great music knowledge and has helped us find other venders too. 
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