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Hi ladies,  I am selling the following items from my outdoor country wedding in August 2009. I bought everything brand new; therefore, everything is either slightly used or never used. I have pictures & can give details if you’d like to email me. I am in Harford County & would be willing to meet you as far south as Abingdon, MD, west to Jacksonville, MD, east to Conowingo MD, & north to Shrewsberry PA. Please email me at [email protected] 

Set of 12 glass flute/champagne glasses – Used at the head table. Originally $12.99 for set, Asking $6.00 for set.


Round Glass Vases & White Candles – I alternated tall vases w/ candles & medium vases w/ fresh flowers as centerpieces to keep the cost down. The short candles were used for the bridesmaids’ bouquets on the head table, cocktail tables, and such. A lot of the vases w/ fresh flowers went home w/ my wedding guests but if you need more, you can order from the Christmas Tree Shop.


                20 Tall Vases (12in)

                                Paid $6.00 each

                                Asking $3.50 each

                22 Tall White Candles (9in) – 12 slightly burned & 10 new

                                Paid $3.00 each

                                Asking $2.00 each

5 Medium Vases (9in)

                                Paid $5.00 each

                                Asking $2.50 each

                5 Medium White Candles (6in) – slightly burned

                                Paid $2.00 each

                                Asking $1.00 each

1 Short Vase (6in) & 1 Short White Candle (3in) – slightly burned

                                Paid $3.00 for vase

                                Asking $2.00, candle goes with it


                OR TAKE ALL VASES & CANDLES FOR $120.00


HALLMARK Keepsake Wedding journal, Organizer, and RSVP box – brand new, never used! Paid $36 for all 3, asking $24 OBO.


10 Satin Pull Bows – Just pull ribbons to create, no hassle. Never opened. Paid $4.99, asking $3.00.


6 heart/bell place holders – my mom got them on clearance for $4.00, asking $1.50


Bridal handkerchief – new, never opened. Has something blue & embroidered w/ “bride.”  Asking $3.00


Tossing Garter – new, never opened. All white & lacey.  Asking $1.00


Mardi Gras Beads – 3 packages of white, green, & fuchsia. There are a lot of these! Probably at least 50 of each color. My family used these for a game at my bridal shower. What is being sold were extras and not used. $10.00 OBO for all.


55 Favor Fans – These were one of my favors at my outdoor ceremony but it rained so they were not used. They are out of their packaging but never used. I have 55 of them left. We slipped a ribbon w/ our names on them to make them personal but have been removed. If you need more, you can purchase them at Joannes & Michaels for $20.00 for 20 – they weren’t cheap! I am willing to sell all 55 for $25 OBO.


Bird Cage – used to place wedding cards in. White. Asking $10.00


9 4x6 picture frames – I used these for my table numbers and I had 16, so more may be included if found. They were $1.00 each and were originally white but painted them silver. They need repainted & good for the DIY bride.  Asking $2.00 for all 9.


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