Venues near BWI? (with good reviews)

Hey ladies,
So almost all of our 70 guests will be from out of town for our fall wedding so we are looking for a venue nearby to provide transpotation. We realize that we will probably have to use a hotel (ouch!) but at least it will give our guests rooms and shuttle service. That being said are there any positive reviews out there for one of the nearby hotels?? I've been lookng at some of the posts and it seems there is nothing positive about the Sheraton :( Any input would be greatly appreciated!!

Re: Venues near BWI? (with good reviews)

  • If you are looking venue only, Elkridge Furnace Inn is conveniently located very close to BWI.  I think they have some sort of friendly communications with local hotels too.
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  • My wedding will be at the Great Room at Savage Mill. It's <25 minutes from BWI, and while there aren't hotels right near the venue, there are a bunch within about 20 minutes (Columbia and near the airport). It's a lovely venue, too!
  • Michael's 8th Avenue is a great location and has great deals (especially in September/November as it is considered an off-season month).  Hampton Inn and suites I believe they said offers a shuttle to and from the location for free - but you have to have so many people to do so.  You can check with them to see if it's Hampton - but it is a hotel at BWI that does it.
  • cosign to ashlidie's post, I'll send you a pm.
  • Have you looked at the columbia inn at peralynna? Its a beautiful bed and breakfast 20 minutes from Baltimore. If you are interested in have a credit I'm trying to sell! Let me know!
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