Eastern Shore Wedding Venues

Hey Gals!

I am working on planning a September 2012 wedding, although I'm pretty open to getting married anytime next summer!

We are looking to get married in St. Michaels because my fiance is from Ocean City and I am from Baltimore, so we thought it would be nice if it's right in the middle, but I am open to Baltimore venues as well.

Right now we are thinking about these venues:
- Ches Bay Beach Club
- Kent Manor Inn
- The Oaks
- Tidewater Inn
- Ches Bay Maritime Museum
- Gramery Mansion

Anyone have any good/bad experiences at any of these places?  Am I missing any other great venues?

Thanks! :)

Re: Eastern Shore Wedding Venues

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    I've been to a wedding at Harbourtowne resort in St. Michaels.  Overall, it was lovely, and I think it's more affordable for you and your guests than the Oaks or Perry Cabin.  It might be worth checking out.  Good luck!
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    I agree, I think we are going to take a look.  The outside is beautiful, I'm just concerned that the rooms look too much like a conference room!
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    I am getting married at the Tidewater Inn July 2012 i really loved the place and Melanie the wedding coordinator is so helpful and responsive.  I looked at a lot of places Like Harbourtowne, the Oaks, The River Plantation, Britland Estates, Kent Manor and a few other places but my fiance and I just really loved the Tidewater.  At first i was a little unsure about it since it is not on the water but Easton is such a great little town and the hotel is really nice.  Good luck with everything its such an exciting and fun process!
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    The Tidewater is lovely, and not ridiculously expensive on the food either.

    Gramercy Mansion is stunning and made me swoon at a recent wedding I attended.
    And the Kent Manor Inn left a bad taste in my mouth. We are having a smaller wedding, and we were told that we could book with them, but they would bump us from our ceremony space if a larger wedding wanted to book with them on the same day. Seriously??????????? They were happy to take our money (and fill our e-mail box with spam), but they wouldn't care enough to make sure we had a ceremony space. Definitely not the kind of place I want to do business with.
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    I just went to look at the Beach Club and Kent Manor this morning, actually, and LoveKiss I'm sorry to hear about your Kent Manor experience! Their nightly room rates at $200+ are a bit steep for me, but I LOVE the outdoor/creek setting of the venue and they have a really unique reception room. The beach club runs their events like a machine/the secret service lol they are VERY organized and good at what they do. I feel though like having multiple weddings going on at the same time in a venue (even if it's in 2 diff. buildings) is a lot. I am a musician and have actually played weddings at both of these venues before and they're both beautiful--you'll have great pictures anywhere on the eastern shore. St. Michaels is further from Baltimore/Annapolis than we are willing to look but cute/beautiful and I've played also at the Tidewater Inn which is very unique and well maintained (especially for an indoor summer wedding!) but lacks the waterfront venue if you're looking for that. A lot depends on guest count too.. Beach Club can easily accommodate 150+ no problem, but this morning they had Kent Manor set up for 125 and it seemed cramped.

    Sorry this post is so long! I have been doing a lot of comparing between these 2 venues lately :) 
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