Guest Transportation... hourly?

Does anyone know a limo/transportation company that provides shuttle services for an hourly rate? We need transportation for our guests from the hotel to the venue and then back again at the end of the night. (2 hours total) All the places I seem to look only offers them in 3 hour chunks of time.. and at 6- 7 hours worth.. it's an astronomical rate. We are looking for a 20-25 person shuttle (may go up or down if that's all we can find.) Our hotel is in Hunt Valley and our venue is in Cockeysville.

Re: Guest Transportation... hourly?

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    Ask the hotel if they have a vendor they work with.  A lot of hotels have courtesy shuttles that they can offer or have a standing contract with a transportation company to provide guest services. 

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    I did.. the vendor they recomended only does three hour blocks. Quoted me a 7 hour charter, which they said I'd save money that way.. but they still want $900. Really? For 2 usable hours? The hotel has a shuttle.. but it's unavailable after 10 pm.. our reception ends at 11:30.
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    I ended up renting a 15 passenger van and having my Dad shuttle people back to the hotal.  It was the cheapest option for us.
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    Here's who i used,
    Nice group, I was able to split the time up in there package for both before and after the wedding. You can add addition time as I recall.
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    Thanks ccarrion77! I'll check it out :)
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    Check out Panda Transportation out of Fairfax, VA
    THey are flexible, but your requests may require you to pay (discounts are pretty hard to come by in the transportation area--but always ask and tell them your budget--all they can do is say yes or no!)

    Service is top rate and they are very professional.   Good luck to you!!
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