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Has anyone had their wedding at the Hyatt Cambridge? If so, how was it? Would your recommend have a wedding there?


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    I've been a bridesmaid in a wedding there, and it was really pretty.  Because it is on the water and tucked away from the main street, I thought it feels more like a destination than just another hotel wedding.  The staff seemed really helpful, at least from at far as I could tell.  I liked that everyone could stay there after the reception was over and we were able to all get ready in one place.  I know that's not a lot, but I hope it helps!
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    I grew up in Cambridge and the Hyatt is really nice but also pretty pricey. I'm getting married in Ocean City but I've had a few friends who have gotten married at the Hyatt. They have all had beautiful weddings, but the biggest complaint I've heard is that you aren't able to access the reception room until 2 hours before your reception. If you're planning to hire a coordinator this might not be an issue, but one of the girls ended up having some friends decorate her reception room during her ceremony, so they had to miss the actual wedding. This is really the only negative thing I've heard about them though, and the hotel really is beautiful and worth checking out. Good luck!!
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    My friend got married there last year- it was BEAUTIFUL however, she will never recommend it to anyone. The coordinator didn't do too much "coordinating" and missed a lot of the music cues going into the reception. She wasn't very happy with that part which was supposed to make her day easier, but instead frustrated the hell out of her. Food was the best I've ever had at a wedding though.
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