My first onsite visit!

I will be going to my 1st site visit for my reception.  I am filled with sooo many emotions right now I think I need a sedative, drink, chocolate or something!!!  Its called The Treetop at Atriums in Hyattsville,MD. 

If any of you all have visited or attended pr even had your reception there please tell me about the experience.

Also, what are some good questions to ask and things to look for during my visit.

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Re: My first onsite visit!

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    Hmm some good questions are how do they charge (flat fee or per person)
    What is included
    Can they give recommendations for vendors (cake, whatever)
    How much time do you have, can you add an hour?
    What are the time limits (some places want you out by 11pm or whatever)
    What is the tax and gratuity taken on, value of gratuity, and is it included or no?
    Will they set up tables for you with place settings and centerpieces?
    Can you add your own decorations beforehand?
    Are there any fees for service, cake cutting, ANYTHING?
    Is china and flatware included, how much is it if not?
    How much is due for the deposit, when is the remaining balance due?

    Gosh, there is a lot to cover but logistically go through the day in your head and the costs.  There are a lot of "gotcha's" when it comes to the cost so you have to think of EVERYTHING.
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