Venue in Montgomery County

I'm looking for a reception venue in Montgomery County(Germantown, Gaithersburg, Rockville, Olney area).  I want to be able to have my own catering co and well as my own alcohol license.  HELP!!!!!

Re: Venue in Montgomery County

  • The lodge at Seneca or sugarloaf mansion. Both requires over a year in advance for prie time weddings
  • What type of venue do you want - Hotel, Mansion, Indoor or Outdoor venue, etc.
  • The Woodend Santuary - Chevy Chase, MD. They aren't cheap though
  • A trick that I did was to contact Moco's tourism department. They have an event coordinator.. I spoke with her and told her what specifically I needed on my big day and also asked her to check to see if there were any other Big meetings/events/conferences scheduled for the day. She took all my info down and then blasted all of her venue contacts. I started receiving responses and bids within hours. Doing that let me narrow down my list to a select few that my Fiance and I are checking out/negiotiating with.

    Hope that tip helps!

    P.S. Moco is super strict with the alcohol thing..good luck!
  • thanks for all responses.................still checking for venues! Time is running out but I know that it will all work out. FAITH AND BLESSING I HAVE!!!!
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