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Good Morning ladies!

Curious to see if anyone knows of a nice rustic venue or family farm that may be available to rent and host a wedding at?

Any input is greatly appreciated :)


PS: My name is Donna and have begun seriuosly looking into wedding planning.  Been a long engagement for us and it's time to seal the deal!!
I found a caterer that I'm looking into using and so many places have their own caterer, so I'm really looking for something different for our wedding.  And something rustic would suit us just perfectly!!

I hope to be a great help to you ladies as well as gain some good insight to this whole process from you all!

Here's to looking forward to get to know you all :)
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Re: Rutsic Venue / Intro

  • ashlidieashlidie member
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    I will say it is GREAT you have your own caterer... of the ones I mention, Richardsons, Geneva Farms, and Union Mills, and I think Camp Fretterd in Anne Arundel all have their own catering and dont allow outside catering.  Knowing this info (after I sent email of course lol) your best bets I know of are probably Howard County Conservancy, Camp Puhtok, and Jefferson Patterson Park.  I know Camp Letts does outside catering since I saw photos when I went to look at a caterer before.

    I am unsure about the series I listed at the end of the email as I never dug any deeper on those, so you may have to find out for yourself.
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  • erindesireeerindesiree member
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    I'm getting married at Jefferson Patterson Park in Southern MD next October. It is a really great rustic venue and everything is DIY.
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    I found the Gramercy Mansion in Baltimore, MD. I think it's completely gorgeous, elegant & rustic all at the same time. It's very affordable depending on which day & site you choose. The down side for me is that it's about 4 hours away from me and also they could have two weddings going on at the same time, but the upside is one wedding would be in the mansion house & the other in the carriage house, but from my understanding the carriage house is pretty far away from the mansion. But maybe two weddings on the same day is rare, you would have to inquire about the probability of that with the coordinator if that's important to you. Also, they have beautiful guests rooms & you aren't required to rent any unless you want to.
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    Also, the Comus Inn. I heard mixed reviews, but it's worth a shot. The view is gorgeous & the prices are amazing. You can't beat that.
  • MeghannsixMeghannsix member
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    We just booked Shade Trees and Evergreens in Frederick.  You can bring in your own caterer, and it is beautiful, check it out!
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  • LBug24LBug24 member
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    Not sure where in MD you are, but The Tea Barn in Fair Hill MD is nice!

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    For a rustic venue, I'd look into Oakland Mills' The Other Barn in Columbia. You can use your own caterer and I believe it is very affordable, saving costs all around. It's really beautiful inside.
  • The Tea Barn in Fair Hill MD is where we had our reception and we rented the paddock area for the wedding ceremony. The time of year is important because there is no heat or ac. Very affordable!

  • In case anyone is still looking I am getting married this summer at Smokey Glen farm it has a barn on site that you can use for the reception. There are also games like horse shoes and putt-putt golf
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    In case anyone is still looking I am getting married this summer at Smokey Glen farm it has a barn on site that you can use for the reception. There are also games like horse shoes and putt-putt golf
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