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Hello everyone,

I just recently got engaged less than a month ago and my fiancé and I are seeking a waterfront (Chesapeake Bayfront) wedding but at a reasonable price. We hope to work our whole event for under $10k but all the waterfront sites I've found start at over $20k! We are living in Chicago but I'm originally from MD and would love to get married by the Bay, probably on the Western shore but other options are being considered too! It's been helpful to read older posts for ideas but we still haven't found success in terms of our price range. Since we're not currently in MD it's even harder!

Thanks for any suggestions!

Re: Desire waterfront site for budget wedding

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    Check out Kurtz's Beach.  I was looking at their prices when another Knottie was looking for a waterfront venue, and they have a variety of price points.  It depends on how many people you're having, but they have some very inexpensive options.
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    Check out my venue, Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa.  I am having an evening wedding in the summer for 125 for around 15K; however, if you did a daytime wedding, had fewer guests, or scheduled in the off-season, you would probably be able to stay well under your budget at that venue.  Good luck with your planning.  I am planning my MD wedding from VA...cannot imagine having to do it all the way from Chicago!   :-)
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    Try the Sandaway bed and breakfast or the Robert Morrison Inn, they're in St Michaels overlooking the water and they're very pretty.
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